Online Payments

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For your convenience, you may submit online payments.

In order to initiate online billing, please email

An email containing a digital invoice and a payment link will be generated and sent to you within 48 hours.

For faster service, arrangements to pay online must be made prior to the start of your project.

Shipping Policy

All deliverables will be submitted to the client as specified in our agreement upon payment of all outstanding balances.

Return  / Cancellation Policy

Please remember that payments / deposits are non-refundable, and are considered payment for services rendered should you decide to drop your project prior to completion.

All on-line payments will be applied to outstanding balances as soon as possible, but please allow a couple of days to complete processing.

*$150 monthly service covers most small business websites for basic upkeep and updates.
More complex websites require additional services and often incur additional costs.
Late Payment Policy


Automatic Billing for Website Maintenance.
Basic: $100/month
Deluxe: $250/month
Comprehensive: $500/month
See agreement for details.
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