web publishing  /web//ˈpəbliSHiNG/

Running a Business Can Be a Challenge.

Running a business and trying to be your own webmaster can drive you nuts.

Scott Norton Design provides a range of services to business owners to take the headaches out of building and maintaining your web presence.
A typical website build includes:

  • Setting up business tools
  • Design of the website itself
  • Uploading of Content
  • Search engine optimization
  • Continued maintenance*
  • Analytics

Content Development

More often than not, new clients come to us knowing they need a website but not really having the content they need.

At the end of the day, a website is a box on the internet into which to place content that is compelling to your customers.
Specifically, we’re talking about

  • Photography
  • Copy
  • Video

If you have high quality content, that is awesome and we’re happy to help you post it on line.

If you don’t have high quality content, then we’re fully equipped to help you produce it at reasonable rates.

Email for a free consultation.

*Continued maintenance is subscription based at an additional fee

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